Data Analysis

Data Analysis

We offer data analysis services to online companies and businesses in general, on customer behavior toward certain products, in order to develop solutions in their businesses through personalization and innovation. Our services are drawn towards customer behavior aimed at certain products, in order to develop better solutions in their businesses.


Social Network Analysis

This is through understanding and detects the relationship among your customers. The entire concept is to show the human relationships and connections as well as to understand social, political, and economic phenomena. These are in the form if trust relationships, social Friendships, backgrounds, or activities.



The entire network marketing matrix provides different sales channels for different products, and uses big data precision, marketing and multiple government enterprise channels to connect different demand ends.



We advise and recommend to companies, systems that they can embrace in their online businesses depending on the products or services they offer to the customers. Emphasis is put on the need of optimization and satisfaction.



Our training and development services are customized to reflect the individual and unique needs of each client; User-Product or Item relationship through the use of the interpretation of the results to predict the audience, provide one-to-one consulting, and planning services to cold start e-business companies. Understanding the effect of cold-start users. KPIs tracking in form of the conversion rates and Recommender systems for specific products and services.

Our Rates

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We seek to find the best option, from a number of alternatives; as a basis of any improvement, unlike fault correcting or problem-solving.

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