We believe that through Technology, a business is able to push beyond limits, and understand business in general. Our flexibility and visibility inspire us to connect with a passionate audience anywhere, anytime. This is why at D2iEB specializes in data analysis for online businesses; and offers a range of consultancy services and packages, that include; guiding companies that aspire to join digital, training on the understanding of the digital business in general. experience:

We also offer data analysis services to online companies and businesses in general on customer behavior towards certain products in order to develop better solutions in their businesses about item diversity, novelty, and personalization for user behavior. We advise E-Business companies about the recommender systems that they can embrace for their online businesses.


We all know that one’s business depends on its IT systems. Basing on that, we work closely with our clients with a motive to solve their problems with our set of robust resources. With us, you not only get apt services but a promise for a long-term collaboration. In this, we are committed to helping our clients to experience the brilliance of technology by providing unique and innovative IT solutions.

We provide a comprehensive range of data analysis, consultancy, training, and social networking services, that enables analysis and prediction of business operations hence giving our clients peace of mind. D2iEB is a full-service IT solution provider who values their relationships with clients, customers, vendors, business partners, and co-workers.


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